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Meet Sarah a dog owner who lost her cute, fluffy, Bichon Frise with shining eyes, because she left her door open and forgot to keep the dog in a crate because she didn’t have one. Imagine that was you, who like Sarah used to think that dog tools are useless to have and that they are just a waste of the dog owner’s money.

Well, hopefully, after this incident Sarah’s mind has changed, and now, she understands the importance of having dog tools in her home as a dog owner and that must have changed your thinking as well.

Wondering what are the must-have dog tools in 2021? Well, no need to wonder because we have done the work for you.

Let’s take a look at what are must-have tools you should get being a dog owner.


Here we have curated the list of must-have basic tools you should get as a dog owner.

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It’s not a good idea to give food to your dog on a paper towel or even in the utensils you have because that’s unhygienic and will simply create a mess for you. So, that’s the first thing you should get, a food bowl for your dog. This way your dog won’t make a mess when he is eating and it will also condition him to link that bowl with the food so whenever he gets hungry, he will simply look for the bowl and it will be an easier cue for you to know that he is hungry.

That will save you from getting a headache when they bark to tell you, “mommy I need food”.


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There are hundreds of dogs that look exactly like yours plus no human has this superpower of telling which one is their dog if they don’t have any distinct sign, that’s why a collar is important. More like a marker on your dog to tell you that it’s yours. You can also attach a tracking device to their collar just in case you lose sight of them while running, doing groceries, or other stuff.


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This is probably one of the most important things a dog owner needs, a crate. You wouldn’t like to wake up and deal with what Sarah did or you wouldn’t like to wake up to a messy house as if some aliens came and destroyed your furniture, scratched the soft velvet cover of your sofa. That’s what a crate will save you from. You can keep your dog safely in a crate when you are leaving your house or doing some cleaning.


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Equally important is a water bowl and one that will save you the mess and accidental slips. Your dog needs to keep itself hydrated and you wouldn’t like the fact that he disturbs you every time he is thirsty. That’s why keeping a water bowl will keep you from getting annoyed and your dog will be able to keep himself hydrated. Make sure to keep the bowl filled with fresh water, clean it regularly, and most importantly buy a ceramic bowl or one that is heavy so your dog can’t flip it upside down and spill all the water on the floor for you to slip.


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Yes, it’s a thing and one that you should carry with you to walk in the park with your dog. It’s not ok if your dog is shitting everywhere in the park. That might cause you some fines from the officer and someone can complain about that as well. Plus, it’s extremely unhygienic since dog poop contains parasites that might be harmful to other animals. The poop bags will help you keep the environment clean.


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I know you must be like, why do dogs, even need a bed when they can sleep on the floor. Well, yes, they can sleep on the floor, but that is not all the time comfortable for them. Plus, it’s your responsibility to take care of your dog and provide him the comfort he needs. The dog bed will ensure a good night’s sleep and will be a place for your dog to rest so he doesn’t lie just anywhere in the house for you to trip on.


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This is the tool that will help you control your dog when you are taking them for a walk. It might be difficult to walk your dog on a leash in the beginning, but sooner than later you will be able to control him.

Make sure to get a leash that is not rough, so you don’t end up hurting your hands. A leather leash will be suitable for this job.


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Who doesn’t love to train their dog? A clicker will help you do just that. When your dog shows good behavior, you can use the clicker to signal and appreciate the behavior. This way it will be easy for you to train your dog and will condition him to repeat that kind of behavior. Also, when your dog follows your command it kind of feels like having an interaction where they are understanding you so it helps to build an emotional bond with them.


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Being a dog owner, you know that your dog doesn’t sit in one place for more than a minute. So, when you are traveling with them in your car, it could be hard for you to handle them. Don’t worry! You can get yourself a car safety harness so your dog stays in its place and you can concentrate on driving.


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All in all, those are the basic tools you would need for your pet dog. It is not an end-all-be-all list, but basic things you must have as a dog owner that will make your life with a dog easy and mess-free and your home dog friendly. Have fun playing with that fluff ball!



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